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It's simple enough for us to just tell you you need professional art and designs. Finding the professional designers you'll need to make those things has long relied on you doing a ton of additional legwork yourself. You'll need to find the artists yourself, look at all of their portfolios, figure out what each might charge, negotiate, and work with them step by step. That process can be overwhelming, and in the end, you might not even have the high-quality art you were looking for. It's a real problem for all content creators.

Introducing GameWisp Commissions, a marketplace bringing content creators and artists/designers together, on a level playing field, where the platform takes care of all the complicated stuff so you can focus on finding the right freelancer for you and your stream, and they can concentrate on what they love: building you awesome stuff.

How does it work?

A content creator in search of a designer posts their job, with the Commissions platform guiding them through the process. Designers will bid, proposing a price and a number of revisions, on jobs to which they are suited, and the creator has 48 hours to look over their bids and select a designer. Once a content creator agrees to the bid, the guided commission process begins.

Both sides will be involved throughout the course of the project, with the designer providing drafts and the client providing feedback. All of this will be conducted through the Commissions platform.

Every logo, every banner, every emote and badge is a reflection on your stream and your brand. If you want to build something strong, you have to give it every advantage. Having a professional artist or designer you can trust can mean the difference between standing out and languishing in obscurity. GameWisp Commissions was designed to make finding them as easy and pain free as possible. We think it's pretty cool, and we hope it can help you on the path towards your stream dream.