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Things to Consider when Considering Brand Deals


Brand deals, when done right, represent one of the most sustainably lucrative opportunities available to a streamer, and thus, one of the most important when approaching it as a profession. And yet, when done poorly, they can do a great deal of damage to your credibility, the trust your audience places in you, and thus, your stream as a whole. This information shouldn’t frighten serious creators away from these professional relationships; indeed, they are vital, and, so long as you keep your priorities in the right place, avoiding the potential pitfalls is relatively simple.


A solid understanding of your own brand narrative is your most valuable tool in selecting the right brand deals,

A solid understanding of your own brand narrative is your most valuable tool in selecting the right brand deals, and in the right way. Once you really understand the story you’re telling, through your content, it should be easy to identify which brands fit that story, and which do not. The right endorsements will naturally fit your stream’s narrative, never feeling forced, and instead serve to enhance your overall voice, as context further defining your content’s platform. The wrong endorsements will feel like a struggle, to fit into your work, to fit into the flow of your natural conversation. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not worth the downside.


What's the Story Your Content Tells?


This also means that, for many creators, the largest and most ubiquitous brands might not be right. There are some companies in the space whose brands are pretty much everywhere. Every streamer seems to have an endorsement, and they’re at every event, their marketing plastered over every backdrop, every sign. These brands are great for the space, sure, supporting tons of creators, but they’re not going to do much for your brand. If everyone is working with them, how could it do any of the work of defining you? Smaller brands make your content more unique in a crowded space, and are likely to value you more as an active participant in their marketing, leading to a more personal, and perhaps beneficial, relationship.


By the same token, as discussed in the previous lesson, most streamers don’t think to look outside of the gaming space for endorsements and brand deals, and they suffer for it. Considering those opportunities, or, even more, actively seeking them out, is important because, like the smaller gaming companies, each relationship is going to do a great deal more for defining your brand, your voice, and your community, than any large company could. Consideration should be given when designing any brand-relationship plan.